Redfin® combines Zeiss polarized lens technology with Italian manufactured TR90 frames. This combo produces the ultimate in clarity, comfort, and durability to support an active outdoor lifestyle. Our mission is to produce the best sunglasses we can possibly make, including our (Outdoor Rx)and soon to market Decoy™ Lens with anti flare technology. @redfinpolarized

Redfin Polarized Lenses By Zeiss

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Anti-Reflective Coatings



Long-lasting premium treatment. It passes the accelerated weathering test (QUV), an internal ZEISS Sunlens test to guarantee the quality of the product.


The anti-reflective coating reduces the light that reflects on the internal surface of the sun lens and bothers the eye.


Reduction of blur and annoying internal reflections of images for a sharp and relaxed vision.

Zeiss Ri-Pel™

(3 Performance Coatings in 1)


Premium Hydrophobic & Oleophobic Technology developed by ZEISS laboratories


Water & oil repellent: 

Dirt, water, sweat, salt, oil, sunscreen and dust slip off the lens surface easily, ensuring a clear and protected vision.


Resistant to fingerprints and other contaminates.

Whenever a lens with Ri-Pel™ gets dirty, it is extremely easy to clean.


Redfin Lens Technology

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