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  • Redfin Outdoors

    Redfin Outdoors Logo Redfin Polarized Zeiss LightPro Technology

    Prepare to #SeeTheGame in a capacity that is as new as the morning sun light.

    Featuring a state of the art technology developed by Zeiss suited to low light conditions.

    Redfin Light Pro Technology by Zeiss

    Zeiss LightPro Technology is guiding Redfin Outdoors into the woods and water with specific lenses geared to your passion.

    Redfin Decoy® Lens

    Decoy Lens by Redfin
    Designed specifically to the conditions for the most effective waterfowl hunt of your life! State of the art Anti-Reflective properties reducing reflection to less than 2%.
    Coated in A/R Red by Zeiss for Redfin®
    Don't miss out on this amazing product!
    Available August 25th
    Details for pre-order coming soon!